Sunday, February 22, 2009

‘Reconcile, heal the Naga spirit’

KOHIMA, FEB 21: The Naga convention for reconciliation and peace, which got underway today under the theme ‘Let my People Go’, underscored the need for inclusive unity amongst all Naga underground groups as well as he public without which there can be no common hope and future.
Nagas should reorganise and forge ahead as one, as division and factionalism has broken the spirit of Naga unity, said Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) general secretary Rev Zhabu Terhüja, delivering the keynote address on the inaugural day at Kohima local ground (Khouchiezie), and rued that so many Nagas have died in the last ten years while querying who had been killed by whom and to what destination this was leading. This should serve as a lesson for all, he said.
Furthermore, he said the various underground groups ‘claim to have got many revelations from God, but they seem to have separate revelations and therefore fight one another.’ Even our legislators also know how to pull down each other instead of building one another, he said.
He impressed that this situation would be the greatest strategy for anyone to keep the Nagas divided forever, and called upon the wisdom of the Nagas to come together as one. The Reverend also reminded that the Naga movement had been divinely inspired from the beginning and stressed that Nagas need to go back to God to seek His divine counsel as He is the author of this divine initiative.
Nagas need to strongly resolve to rebuild a moral, ethical integrity which is essential in human relationships, he said, adding that only then can the people move on the road to progress and change.
Speaking on the same lines, the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) president Manko Phom stressed that solution cannot be an anticipated proposal unless Nagas unite. He also emphasised that all factions should come to an understanding and stop killing one another as ‘no one is enemy to the other’ and added that peace, tranquillity and prosperity of life can be enjoyed only in a united family with a spirit of reconciliation.
Also echoing similar sentiments, Rev L Bizo of the Council of Naga Baptist Churches (CNBC) said, “We have a vision and a dream that one day all Naga people will live together in one territory, one country, as a nation on this planet earth. There will be no such thing as Nagas of Nagaland state, Nagas of Manipur or Myanmar and Nagas of Assam or Arunachal Pradesh but all are one Naga people living in one common territory and one country.”
“There will be no such thing as Angami, Ao, Sumi, Lotha country and so on but one united state of the Naga nation,” he stated.
He further said that ‘unity is not uniformity or organic, it is not bird of the same feather nor like mindedness but unity is inclusiveness, harmony, beauty and love’ while adding that we need to seek for the kind of unity that transcends all barriers through effective dialogue leading to correct and clear harmonious understanding of problems and issues involved.
Today’s programme was chaired by Rev Vezopa Tetseo, executive secretary, Nagaland Police Baptist Churches Association. Special songs were delivered by Oriental Theological Seminary, Dimapur, Tizu Area choir, Rengma Baptist Church and Christ King Catholic Church, Kohima. A prayer for children and families affected by factional violence was also held on the occasion.
People from all walks of life, including leaders and representatives of Naga underground factions and various tribal organisations, gathered for the opening programme to celebrate the 'spirit of reconciliation' and peace within the Naga community
The session was followed by a concert ‘Celebrate the Naga spirit’ with Tali Angh and Jungtina Jamir as conveners. (Eastern Mirror)

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