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People in the state still edgy over child kidnappings

IMPHAL, Aug 2: Womenfolk and students have still not overcome the shock of child abductions in the state even after the proscribed PREPAK outfit clarified that they would stop recruitment of children as child soldiers and the Manipur government stepped up security measures to check kidnapping of children.

"We want to know who are the real culprits in the current trend of kidnapping attempts that are being reported every day," said a woman participating in a sit-in protest staged at Khurai Lamlong bazar in Imphal east today.

"We have been kept in a confusing situation and fear still exists in our minds as the reports of attempts to kidnap and escape of children from abductors are still coming frequently," she said.

The woman while recounting the incident of July 31 in which two boys from a school at Khurai Heikrumakhong were reportedly taken away by some miscreants before being released later after police and locals conducted a massive manhunt for them in Heingang hill…