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Govt to reward soldiers and police commandos for Operation Summer Storm

IMPHAL, May 30: The Okram Ibobi Cabinet in a marathon meeting this evening decided among other things to reward soldiers of the 57 Mountain Division and Assam Rifles, and police commandos who took part in the Operation Summer Storm at the Loktak Lake for the efficiency with which they executed the mission, as well as their dedication to duty and job.
While the army and Assam Rifles are to get Rs. 7 lakhs, the police commandos would be rewarded Rs. 3 lakhs.
It may be recalled in the said operation in April this year, the raiding combined team of army soldiers and police commandos killed 12 underground cadres and destroyed many of their hideouts at the Keibul Lamjao National Park at Loktak Lake.
In another decision, the Cabinet also decided to raise the ration allowance of jail staff from the existing Rs. 450 to Rs. 485 per month.
The Cabinet also decided on an ex-gratia amount of Rs. 50,000 each to the kin of the 20 people killed in the unfortunate accident on May 7 at Sangrungpan about 7k…

KYKL clarifies on killing of Prof Islamuddin

IMPHAL, May 30: The underground KYKL in a lengthy clarification on the matter of its killing Prof. Islamuddin of the Manipur University, said it understands the outrage of the public in the killing of a teacher, but is saddened by the response of Meitei Pangal organisations that the KYKL had targeted a Meitei Pangal deliberately.
It said this was far from the truth and that the KYKL treats Meitei Pangals, Meitei Chistians, Meitei Buddists, Meitei Hindus, Meitei Athiests as belonging to one Meitei community, and this is very much enshrined in its constitution.
It said Prof. Islamuddin was killed not because of his ethnicity or community but because he was part of a corrupt clique which was usurping all powers of the Manipur University in order to convert the university into their private fiefdom.
It said the KYKL has Meitei Pangal cadres in it and the Meitei Pangal community would realise the party is never against this fraternal community at all in time.
It said the MU clique had to be de…