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Another spate of gruesome massacres of non-locals stuns state; Four shot dead, two hurt at Natum Ching and Heinoubok; high level meeting held, securit

Imphal, Jun 24: A high security alert has been sounded in the greater Imphal area this evening following another spate of beastly massacres of Hindi speaking non locals by unidentified gunmen.Four ended up dead and another two injured in today`s mindless bloodlust perpetrated by suspected militants at separate places this afternoon.The initial killings took place this afternoon around 1.45 pm at the foothills of Pourabi Huidrom Natum Ching, about 8 km west of the Lamlai police station in Imphal east district, as two non locals were shot dead and abandoned there by a lone unidentified gunman.According to the villagers, the two non locals were brought there on a motorbike by an unidentified person who proceeded with them to the foothills of Natum Ching at around 1.30. After some time the villagers heard two rounds of gunshots and saw the unidentified youth hurriedly leaving the spot on the motorbike towards Keibi village.The suspicious villagers went to the spot and found two bullet rid…

UNLF calls Naga struggle victim of NSCN(IM)

Imphal, June 24: The inherent contradiction between policy and goal, the wide gap between theory and practice, the wrong priorities provoking opposition all round instead of fighting the common enemy together for a common goal, and the arrogant refusal to recognise the basic unity of the region by the NSCN(IM), the self-appointed `torch bearer` of the Naga struggle, stands fully exposed from their recent statements, mentioned Ksh Yoiheiba, senior publicity offcer of the proscribed UNLF in his statement.The statement further mentioned that the resultless 10-year old peace talks with the government of India had shown that there is no consistent policy of the NSCN(IM) to lead the Naga people onward to victory and these are the basic issues having a direct bearing on the Naga struggle.The statment also mentioned that no one in their right senses would even think of fighting a common enemy without a common purpose or goal. Because doing so, though punctuated by insincere rhetoric of unity …