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Seeking services of in-service doctors during off duties no wrong: Dr Sekhose

KOHIMA, JAN 21 (NEPS): Principal Director, Health and Family Welfare, Dr V Sekhose is of the opinion that so long the in-service doctors did not disturb or violate their official duties, it hardly matters when they keep providing services to others. He felt that services of most senior doctors who were talented in their areas of specialties were mostly sought after by many and it was difficult for them to refuse their request. “Of course, if they do not attend their office duties and start attending to others, then it is a violation,” the Principal Director told NEPS here today. “But what is wrong, when we utilize their services during their off duty.”Dr Sekhose also pointed out that doctors could not work 24 hours in hospitals except in some emergency cases. “This has to be understood by the people,” he stated.He recalled as to how people used to give high regards to the medical professionals in earlier days. He however regretted on the declining of such treatment to the medical prof…