Sunday, February 22, 2009

Public outrage continues over SDO killing

IMPHAL, Feb 21: Widespread condemnations are still coming from all corners of the state in connection with the brutal and inhuman killing of government officials Dr. Th Kishan, Y Token and A Rajen.
Various organisations have expressed deep sorrow at the hardships faced by the families of the deceased while asking the state government to book the culprits immediately. The Manipur Chemists and Druggists Association has appealed to the state government to lift the curfew immediately taking into account the problems faced by the emergency patients and people who need medicines daily at the proper time.Asking the authorities not to endanger the lives of such people who need medical attention, the association also strongly condemned the killing of Dr. Th Kishan and his two subordinates and shared the sorrow of the bereaved families.
The Tarahei Muslim Women’s Welfare Association has strongly condemned the killings and said that nowadays killing of innocent people had become a trend in the state because of which people are feeling insecure.
The killing of the SDO and his two subordinate staff was a great loss to the state, it said while urging the state government to find the motive behind the killings and to book the culprits to prove they are a strong administration.
They further said they would take part in any move taken up by the people in this connection while sharing the grief of the affected families.
The People’s Protection and Development Committee has said that all the communities in the state strongly condemn the killings and urged the state government to give proper security to people working in the hilly areas and to adopt proper policies for the benefit of the people.
It said that proper punishment should be given to the culprits while promising to participate in every step taken by the people.
The All Manipur Recognised Private Schools Welfare Association while sharing the grief of the families of the deceased held a meeting of the central committee of the association today during which the members observed two minutes silence as a mark of respect.
The meeting further urged the government to lift the curfew taking into account the upcoming Class X, XI and XII examinations.
The North East Dialogue Forum, NEDF, has condemned the killing of Dr. Th Kishan, sub-divisional officer of Kasom Khullen and his two subordinates by unidentified persons.
Observing that the killing culture in Manipur was a problematic situation now faced by the civilians in the conflict torn state, it appealed to different sections of the society that it is the need of the hour to combat against such acts, failing which the future of our generation would be dim.
The Kuki National Organisation has strongly condemned the brutal killing of three officials of the government of Manipur posted at Kasom Khullen by armed men. The KNO is also duly disturbed by the fact that the bodies of the three deceased officials were dumped near Taphou, a Kuki village in Senapati district, it said while stating that the implication of this action was to surreptitiously apportion blame to Kukis. This is dangerous and so raises deep concern, it said.
The KNO urged all concerned parties to desist from engaging in activities and manoeuvrings that intend to associate and malign Kukis in issues that do not concern them.
The Vaiphei People’s Moreh block has expressed deep concern on the killing of innocent government employees of Kasom Block by unknown millitants. Stating that killing would not bring any solution, it said achieving any goal in the process of nationalism which is without humanism was only a utopian nationalism.
In another condemnation, the Meetei Council Moreh, Hill Tribal Council, Moreh, Manipuri Muslim Council, Morehand Tamil Sang said that the killing of Kasom Khullen SDO and two other staff was another telling reminder that barbarism rules amidst us.
“Can we claim to be living in a civilized society? Whoever is behind the destardly act should be bold enough to declare and clarity. Though the act can never be justified, the criminals have the obligation to clear public unrest,” the bodies said.
Meanwhile, a joint meeting of the apex organisations in the state was held today at the Manipur Press Club. The organisations which took part in the meeting called by the Apunba Lup were the Naga People’s Movement For Human Rights, Tangkhul People’s Organisation, Kuki Women’s Union, Kabui Mothers Association, All Manipur Tribal Women’s Union, Kasom Khullen Sub-division Development Association, Zeliangrong Union, NIPCO, HERICOUN, AMUCO, IPSA, UPF, CLK, COHR, HRI, MAPI Council, Workers Union, Poirei Leimarol Manipur and AMWOVA.
The organisations strongly condemned the killing of Dr. Th Kishan, A Rajen and Y Token and observed a minute’s silence as a tribute to the deceased persons. They also resolved that the state and the Union government should take the responsibility for these killings and the Union home minister and home minister of Manipur should resign.
The Tarahei Konjil Muhamadan Social Youth Club and All Tribal Chiefs Association have also condemned the killings and shared the grief of the family members. (IFP)

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