Sunday, February 22, 2009

KYKL condemns murders, calls for unity

IMPHAL, Feb 21: The underground KYKL, in a press statement today strongly condemned the beastly murder of SDO Kasom Khullen, Th Kishan and his two subordinate staff, official driver Aribam Rajen and revenue mandal Yumnam Token.
It said whoever is responsible for the crime, it is simply meaningless. Even if the murder was related to distribution of NREGS awards, the target ought to have been just the SDO and not the driver and mandal, who would have had nothing to do with it.
It said the crime can only be the handiwork of the most uncivilised and meat brained.
Moreover, the mutilated bodies of the murdered men were dumped near another village and this seem a direct effort to implicate the community that lived in the village, thereby an attempt also to create communal enmity between the particular community and that of the murder victims. This is a bigger crime than even the murder, the release said.
The release said Dr. Kishan’s is somebody the party held in great esteem and it considers him as one of the rising intellectual stars in the state. It urged upon the people to refer back to the writings in “The Eastern Quarterly” and “The Alternate Frames (Alternative Perspective)” of the late administrators to have an estimate of his intellect.
It said when Dr. Kishan decided to join the MCS and leave the intellectual world, it had thought he was making the wrong move to be lured by mere glitters.
The release lamented the killers were trying to incite communal venom, and this exhibited an extreme short sightedness, as they were playing into the bigger game of the oppressors who were keen to have fraternal blood letting so that they can take over.
Constant provoking would ultimately lead to such a blood letting as the patience of anybody has a limit, saying even rubber can be stretched to a certain extent and would snap after a point.
This was what happened to Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Bosnia etc, and there is no guarantee this would not be our fate to if these elements are not checked.
There is nothing for the indigenous communities to gain from such a predicament and there would only the sinister onlookers to capitalise from such a situation.
The KYKL statement there are three vital components of the society and these are the civil society, the revolutionary groups and the politicians. There must be a convergence of vision of all these three it said.
As for the revolutionary groups, it said they must now think of abandoning lip services and get down to the substantive discussion on unification to thwart the danger of a total annihilation of the indigenous populations.
The statement also extended its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the murdered men. (IFP)

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