Monday, June 2, 2008

KCP(MC) is the proxy of security forces, say KYKL and UNLF

IMPHAL, May 30: The KYKL and the UNLF, in a joint communique to the press condemned the bomb explosion at the RIMS within the office complex of the institute`s director, Dr. Fimate, calling it an act of terrorism calculated to tarnish the image of the revolutionary movement in the state.The joint statement said, intimidating the sick and ailing is an unforgivable act of inhumanity, adding that under humanitarian norms hospitals are spared even during the most bitter wars.The two underground organisations said the pattern of these assaults by the KCP(MC) should have made it clear to everybody by now that the KCP(MC) is the masked proxy of the Indian forces with an agenda to alienate the revolutionary campaign waged by revolutionary organisations from the people.It however said this campaign by the "Indian Occupational Forces" would boomerang on it sooner than later.Explaining further, the two outlawed groups said the KCP(MC) is now holed up within the IG (AR) South headquarters at Mantri Pukhri. This group has been given the brief that they must do all it can to ensure that the people come to hate and detest the underground movement.In this Machiavellian project, the puppet government of Okram Ibobi has a major role too, the statement said.If there was no nexus of the nature, how would it have been possible for the KCP(MC) to plant and explode bomb in the high security Babupara VIP complex on April 24 in the 11am peak hour. Another bomb was also found planted at BT Road.The security measures at the Babupara are as everybody knows is virtually fool-proof these days, and practically everybody except VIPs who enters the area is frisked by security personnel. How did the KCP(MC) manage to not only carry a bomb but also explode it here? The joint statement asked.On the BT Road, a tiny bomb was found and the puppet government and its propaganda apparatuses are creating the impression that the bomb was meant to attack the Governor and that the explosive was actually an Atom Bomb.In the name of tightening security to protect lives and properties, the puppet government and security personnel have sealed off the Bazar area, putting wage earners into serious difficulties, it said.The suffering inflicted on the ordinary people by this measure falls into the same plan of alienating the people from the revolutionary movement by portraying the later as responsible for their miserable plight, the statement said.The two organisations called upon the people to understand this extremely cynical gameplan, and put things in the right perspective.The medical minister participating in the protest against the RIMS bomb blast in a purported move to show his solidarity with the protesting RIMS staff was fake, it said. How would the government`s left hand not know what its right hand is doing, it said.Before the RIMS and BT Road, the KCP(MC) in the false claim of campaigning to cleanse corruption in the Social Welfare department, had murdered an innocent and powerless CDPO. This act of terrorism too was premeditated to put the revolutionary movement in the wrong light in the eyes of the public, the joint statement said.The KCP(MC)`s other agenda in its attack on the RIMS is not corruption cleansing as it claims, but to forcefully grab lucrative contract jobs for its agents, and to extort money from the institute, it charged.The release further said that the KYKL and UNLF would do all in its power to defeat this dark design of this unholy nexus. It also called upon other organisations and the people to lend it support.

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