Monday, June 2, 2008

‘Isms dividing the Nagas’

Kohima, June 1 : As long as the Naga civil society and Church remain passive, the infighting among the various Naga factions will continue, said the newly elected Naga Hoho President Keviletuo Kiewhuo who asserted that the apex civil body shall work to be impartial.
If all the Naga civil society remains neutral on issues, there’ll be nobody to point out or say who is right and who is wrong and the different Naga factions will continue to fight and killing among the Naga brothers will increase, the newly elected Hoho president told The Morung Express today.There are two phases of urgency confronting the Nagas today when it comes to the Naga political issue: ‘internal’ and ‘external’. Internal issue relates to the ongoing division and killing among the Nagas on factional line and tribal line whereas the external issue relates to the ongoing peace process with the Government of India, said the new Hoho president. He emphasized that the Naga Hoho should today give priority on the internal issue. If the issue is not addressed earnestly today, it could also affect the peace process. Keviletuo further stressed on the urgent need for cessation of hostility among the different factions and immediate stop of killing among the Nagas. Reacting to a query on what approach Hoho would adopt in pursuing for unity and reconciliation, he pointed out that Naga Hoho is a federation of various Naga tribes and assured that it will approach all the Naga tribes and also the civil organizations such as ENPO to seek their views and opinions. He assured that the Hoho will meet the different factions more vigorously and sit across the table to eke out the differences. “We have to identify the causes why they cannot come together.” Both the Naga underground groups and the over ground civil society should be united on issues for the general interest of the Nagas, he asserted.He strongly felt that the deeply imbedded ‘ism’, which is dividing the Nagas on tribal lines today, should be addressed as priority. Unity has to be broad-based he stated and asserted that the Hoho would have to be consistent in pursuing the same.Keviletuo stated that in western countries, turf wars were fought among mafia gangs while in the case of other upcoming and struggling nations, internal fightings were fought over differences in ideology and principle. However, in Nagaland, all the different groups and factions have the same ideology, agenda and cause, he reminded and said that if any faction is fighting for domination over territory and business houses, it is no more a national issue and not acceptable to the people.On the election system of the Naga Hoho, he pointed out on the need for certain amendments in the constitution which will replace the Election of the Naga Hoho office bearers by the age old Naga practice of selection system through instituting search committee. He assured that the new team would take up the matter in the next federal assembly for necessary amendment.Expressing satisfaction over the composition of the Naga Hoho team, he said that most of the members in the new team were middle-aged and assured that the new team would take the views and vision of both the younger as well as the older generation. “We can’t steal away the visions of the younger generation.”He further added that the Hoho would work through the system of collective leadership where everyone will be a part in every decision-making. He however said, “the Hoho can’t impose its decision on the people; but is there to execute the decision of the people.”
(Courtesy: The Morung Express)

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