Monday, June 2, 2008

Ccpur villagers beaten up badly for refusing to pay militants

IMPHAL, Jun 1: Villagers who requested militants not to take a percentage from their wages for works done under the National Rural Employment Generation Scheme, NREGS in Churachandpur district were beaten black and blue by suspected cadres of the Kuki National Army, KNF(MC) leaving five of them with severe injuries.The Komrem Students` Union has, in the meantime, condemned the assault on the villagers by militants and also urged the state government to compensate the victims within 48 hours.Altogether 26 villagers of the Kangathei village were summoned by the cadres of the outfit yesterday morning for holding talks in connection with the deducting of percentage from their wages at Tuibeyang village where the cadres of the outfit were taking shelter.Late in the evening, they were left after being beaten badly as they allegedly refused to give a percentage from their wages, according to reports.Four of the severely injured villagers were referred to the RIMS hospital in Imphal early today from the Moirang CHC, while one is being treated at Moirang community health centre.The five severely hurt villagers are named S Moses, 45, son of S Hmangrungkhup Kom, Dr. Thangneireng, 50, L Thangthang Kom, 60, L Thangkhomang Kom, 60, and 50-year old L Asang Kom.Reports said that cadres of the KNF(MC) called the villagers saying their leader wanted to talk to them in connection with the implementation of NREGS in the village.In the meantime, the Komrem Students` Union president, TS Kom while strongly condemning the incident said that the villagers were beaten up for requesting the militants not to cut a percentage from the NREGS wages of the villagers.Such incidents of militants beating up villagers on the similar matters had occurred several times in the past too, he said while pointing out the cause to be the prevailing suspension of operation against the militants by the security forces under an agreement.He also lamented that the state government could not protect the lives of the small Kom community residing in the state and demanded that authorities should repay the medical expenses of the injured people within 48 hours.The students body would be compelled to launch agitations otherwise, he warned.He also urged the KNF(MC) to stop such harassment of the public and interference in the internal affairs of the Komrem communities.He also sought the cooperation of the other civil organizations in investigating the matter.
(Courtesy: The Imphal Free Press)

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