Monday, June 2, 2008

KYKL, UNLF statement worthy of condemnation, says KCP

IMPHAL, Jun 1: Tamnganba Meetei, propaganda, communication and technical officer, military council of the KCP has condemned the joint statement of the KYKL and UNLF which stated that the KCP(MC) was a masked proxy of the Indian security forces. The statement lacks clarity while blaming the KCP(MC), it said.The joint statement of the KYKL and UNLF signed by the publicity and research secretary, Langamba of KYKL and deputy secretary, organization, N Ibochou of UNLF respectively which stated that the bomb blast incident at RIMS complex was an act of terrorism was indeed worthy of condemnation, it said.It is too much to say that the KCP(MC) was not a revolutionary group but part of IOF, the KCP official said.It was unfortunate that the two respected organizations were dispatching statements through media which confused the people. It happens to give a great chance to the anti-revolutionaries, it said.Like the UNLF which was broken into two factions, UNLF (Meghen) and UNLF (Oken) which is now KYKL, the KCP also broke into factions. The incidents of killing between the rival factions and murder of veteran leader of the UNLF while giving a speech at a function were not considered to be a good deeds and the incidents were still remembered, it said.But the two groups were now working together and it is a positive step for the revolution, the statement said recalling that the UNLF leaders also attempted to unify the factions of the KCP. But it could not be successful and this was an indication of lack of an sincere effort, it said.The KCP(MC) has no comrade named Lanheiba, secretary, military affairs. Lanheiba alias Khogen has no link with the KCP(MC) and he is not known to the KCP(MC) but was well known to captain Ingba alias Mera of the officer rank of the KYKL. They are brothers-in law and communicate with each other frequently, it said.A close associate of Lanheiba, Khoirangba is none but Oinam Ibochou of Ningthoukhong project canal who is very close to UNLF.It was a wonder that the joint statement of the UNLF and KYKL does not apparently know who is Lanheiba, it said.After clarifying that terrorist acts were not related with the military council through the media, the group has not remained silent but is investigating into the matter.As for instance the military council came to know that CDPO, Moirang Rashewori was killed by one Kannedy from Thamnapokpi. Kennedy conspired with a man who is a brother of Lanheiba apparently under instruction from Lanheiba. What is behind this, asked the group.The blast at the tight security area of Babupara was not an easy task. It must have some hand of the VIPs. Two days ahead of the Babupara blast, Khoirangba, a close associate of Lanheiba came to the quarter of an MLA at Babupara.KCP(MC) is giving a chance to surrender to them within June 6 next. If they fail to do so, the outfit would be compelled to use weapons and they would be given capital punishment.The name of the people who are carrying out terrorist activities posing as KCP(MC) under Lanheiba as agents of the "Indian occupational force" are Oinam Piba alias Suranjoy, Keinou, Naoba alias Lanjanba, Napet Pali, Khoirangba alias Ibochao, Ningthoukhong Project canal, Chongba, Khurai, Keni, Thamnapokpi (Leingangpokpi) and Khaba, Nongada.Making KCP(MC) angry by Lanheiba and his associates, the agents of the Indian security force, is unfortunate. To eliminate Lanheiba and his group, military council will chalk out plans, said the statement urging others to cooperate with them.Finally, the outfit offered homage to its cadre Warekpam Basanta who was killed by the AR at Yairipok on May 27 last. The group also shared the grief of the family.
(Courtesy: IFP)

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