Saturday, August 2, 2008

Protest against attack at minister`s house staged

IMPHAL, Jul 31: "No to gun and bomb culture," said a slogan displayed at the site of the sit-in protest staged at some places of Khurai area against the frequent attacks at the residence of the FCS minister, Y Erabot Singh.Mention may be made that suspected militants have carried out attacks with bombs and guns several times at the residence of the minister at Khurai Ahongei in Imphal.During July month which ended today, militants conducted at least two attacks on the minister`s house, the latest one being on the night of July 29 in which out of two bombs which were hurled by militants at the residence of the minister at around 11 pm, a bomb went off and caused damage to a vehicle and tin roof structure on the eastern side of his house.Last weekend also militants attacked the minister`s house by firing and hurling a hand grenade which failed to explode.Sit-in protests denouncing the frequent attacks on the house of the minister were staged at Khurai Ahongei and Khurai Telipati area by the local residents. Non-locals residing in the area also participated in the protest.They displayed various slogans like, "No to attack on a house located in a crowded area," "Why the frequent attacks at the house of the minister," "Stop threatening the minister," "No gun and bomb culture, we want peace."


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