Saturday, August 2, 2008

MU seminar-cum-workshop to unravel complexities of Manipuri martial arts

IMPHAL, Jul 31: An international seminar-cum-workshop on the "Spiritual and physical dimension of Manipur martial arts" is to be held at the Manipur University campus in Imphal from August 9 to 12.The four-day event is an attempt to put together at one place the overwhelming complexity of the entire martial arts tradition of the ethnic communities of Manipur and the venture has never been attempted before, according to the organisers.The necessity to bring the various hills and plains traditions of martial arts together at one go is compelled by the need to draw the attention of the academics, the university intellectuals and the general public about the ascent of the cultural practice of Manipur martial arts in the international arena, the organisers said adding that it was the desire of the students from the international community to learn and practice this art.The organisers further mentioned that though attracting unprecedented attention the exhibitory character of its performance had sidelined the spiritual dimensions of the martial art form.The university aims to play an exemplary role for institutionalizing the practice of the art for future students of the international community, it said adding that the martial arts remain just another exhibitory item in the festivals and sponsored shows today.This is a part of the disorientation in the culture of patronage of the arts in India and the Manipur University can help correct this anomaly in understanding the values of Manipur martial arts, it observed. (Courtesy: IFP)

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