Monday, June 16, 2008

Militants prohibit Heirok residents from leaving village; Five to be given capital punishment

IMPHAL, Jun 13: The KYKL and UNLF have imposed a ban on Heirok residents from going outside their locality with immediate effect for defying their warning and deciding to join as volunteers of the SPO.A joint statement of the two outfits also said the names of five persons who are in lead role in the move to appoint SPOs and obtain arms are now known, and announced that they would be awarded capital punishment.The statement also declared that some individuals including the chief minister O Ibobi Singh were `enemies` of the people.The statement signed jointly by Ningombam Ibochou, deputy secretary, organisation, UNLF and Langamba Mangang, secretary, publicity and research, KYKL reiterated the two outfits had already announced their final stand on the opening of SPOs and taking of arms from the enemy.After the announcement of the stand, the two outfits have found out the names and particulars of the five from Heirok who colluded in the move to open SPOs and procure arms.As per previous announcement they would be given capital punishment, the statement said.Some people who took money from Ibobi`s puppet government and are standing against the people`s freedom struggle being the reason, residents of Heirok including students, working people in both government and private institutions, and all others earning and engaging in various professions would be prohibited from going beyond Heirok for some time, it said.Announcing the prohibition would be in force with immediate effect, the statement warned any casualties should be taken as a consequence of being misled by those who colluded with the `enemies`.Excessive challenges against the people`s freedom struggle, ignoring appeals of the public will be viewed as prompted by the enemies and will treated as enemies, it said.It also urged those in Heirok who love their motherland and believe in the true revolutionary struggle to stay away from these collaborators.

(Courtesy: IFP)

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