Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rotarians from Ne reach Nargis victims in a big way

Imphal, May 21: Radio, TV and official claims of SPDC government of Myanmar confirmed more than 1,34,000 nationals got killed including missing and gone shelterless, living homeless lives facing starvation and disease since Nargis hit Delta May 2-3. 77 Rotary Clubs from Rotary International District 3240 under the leadership of DG Rtn Parbhat Kedia expressed solidarity with the people of Myanmar at this juncture of sorrow and bereavement and delivered emergency medicines at Burma Border Trade Centre, Tamu, the official point of victims aid centre, as volunteers are not permitted to reach Delta physically. DG N Rtn. Ajit Irom delivered the medicine packets on behalf of all the Rotarians from NE Region of India received by Aung Kyaw Hlain, director of Border Trade Department."We came prepared to reach Delta with our specialist medical officers and para medical team," said Rtn. Dr. Kh Palin, famous Smile train expert, MD of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute. Dr. E Kuladhaja, Dr. Chourajit, Dr. MM Singh, Manoranjan, all Rotarians from Imphal expressed desire to the Burmese officials headed by political commissar Lt. Col Aung Htein, Soe Myint, secretary district peace and development council, to go to Delta area to attend to the victims.We are with you at this juncture. I wish Burmese authorities accord Rotary International relief team to visit Delta site with all possible medical and connected aids soon as our RI District has over 250 specialist doctors out of which almost 60 have volunteered to go at intervals to attend to suffering victims with warm hearts and hands," said DG Rtn. Prabhat Kedia in his message to Burmese officials."We are the nearest Rotarians from NE region who cannot overlook the sufferings of our brethrens in distress. More aid from our organization will be pouring in. The moment we open our windows to SE Asia, the first glimpse we catch is of Myanmar. We are apolitical, international humanitarian service based organization, we pray to the Burmese government to have a relook at their firm plans to go it alone and allow our Rotary International team to Delta location on humanitarian grounds," said chairman PR Cell RC of Imphal, RS Jassal.Both sides had close interaction and Burmese officials accepted the medicines with thanks reminding their faith in Indo-Myanmar friendship. "Your point and concern will be conveyed to our capital," said Soe Mint.DGN Ajit Irom read out names of nine clubs whose contributions along with Rotary Club of Imphal were delivered. He said more clubs were dispatching their share to Imphal for onward dispatch to Tamu. This process would continue till our brothers across get stable to face the brunt of this disastrous calamity. The secretary of the club Rtn. Phillindro also thanked everybody who participated in the mission.

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