Thursday, May 22, 2008

Imchen plea to parties

Kohima, May 21 (NEPS): State Home Minister Imkong L. Imchen lamented that though leaders of political parties in the State were capable of talking to the Naga underground factions with reason, yet they never ventured in a realistic way to help resolve the Naga issue in coordination with the factions.
Talking to this news agency here on Wednesday, the Minister said the wisdom of almost all capable and responsible persons who were in different political parties was not channelized towards solution of the Naga issue. In this regard, the minister predicted that there could be no success if the political parties continued to indulge in blame-game and play one-upmanship. He called upon the parties to come out openly with their "opinions and ideas" and share them openly with the Naga underground leaders to discover the common ground and frame reasonable agenda for the Nagas and Government of India.
At the same time, he said wisdom of the intellectuals should not be shut up by the barrel of gun because if they were not allowed to speak, the society would head for doom.
Earlier on Tuesday while addressing the peace rally at Kohima, the minister had candidly admitted that leaders of the State political parties including himself were responsible for the present state of affairs in the State.
Claiming that the law and order situation in the State was quite satisfactory, the minister said killing, abduction, extortion, intimidation etc by the underground activists could not be viewed as mere "law and order of the State." Asked on the plight of citizens owing to factional violence, Imchen said "This is related matter and consequences of the activities of the Naga underground cadres…So it is very difficult to draw a parallel line between the civilian and the underground."
(Courtesy: NEPS)

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