Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nagas resist self-examination: Rev. Wati

DIMAPUR, MAY 30 (NPN): Speaking on the theme, ‘A campaign for a common voice among the Nagas’ during the symposium session of the Naga Hoho at Peren on Friday, Principal of the Oriental Theological Seminary and active church leader Rev. Dr. Wati Aier lamented that Nagas resist self-examination and held this trait responsible for accelerating the ongoing conflicts among various factions.He also said that while Nagas confess and repent about individual sins, yet they have failed to address what he termed, as `collective sin'. He said collective sin become ingrained in the agendas and ideologies that seek to justify and defend one's organization and this makes the constituent members cling tenaciously to such agendas and ideologies. Dr. Wati said Naga Christianity cannot afford to negate the evil of the collective sin. He said there was an urgent need among theologically trained and conscientious people within the church and society, to correct the fallacy that God and the Holy Spirit are only for each organization or party’s ideological position. He said holistic gospel speaks of repentance, both as personal matters and collective histories. He touched the area of the current conflicts, by identifying the causes as being due to the sin of bitterness and anger. He said such are the tools used by Satan and his agents to drive a wedge between friends, tribes, parties, organization and nations. Further, he pointed out the need to address the issue of sin as manifested in the form of anger, slander and lies. He pointed out that the other need was to forgive the wrong doer as it is a command by God.On the issue of reconciliation, Dr. Wati said no party has a monopoly on this matter and therefore said Nagas should resist a politicized version of reconciliation. He stressed that reconciliation was not a sign of weakness but rather of courage and character which leads to wholeness and restoration. He said reconciliation could only come through God and with no preconditions. He also lamented the fact that Nagas traditionally are not inclined towards reconciliation.Dr. Wati said that in the context of the current disunity and conflicts, both the church and the tribal hohos are called to carry on the mission of reconciliation and healing, irrespective of tribe and ideology. He said the present generation of young people were angry at the older generation for the unwillingness to change. He therefore called upon all Nagas in the name of Christ and for the sake of history, to do what needs to be done, and that is to give Peace a chance.

(Courtesy: Nagaland Post)

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