Thursday, May 29, 2008

MPA cadre dies in landmine blast

IMPHAL, May 28: An MPA cadre who was hurt severely when a landmine planted by security forces exploded on May 27 while they were going to attack a security force camp at Aibol Joupi village near Dingpi area of Chandel district, said a statement of the UNLF today.Heikrujam Thonba alias Robin son of late H Krishnamohon of Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai (MPA no. 2066) sustained injuries when he happened to step into the land mine planted by the "IOF", it said.The team was going to ambush a camp of the security forces, it said adding that the explosion occurred at around 3.55 pm and he succumbed to injury at around 6.45 pm while he was evacuating to a safer place for treatment by the MPA cadres.UNLF/MPA gave revolutionary salute to its beloved cadre who took part in the revolutionary struggle with bravery, it said.Indian security forces are planting land mines in the interior hilly areas surrounding to their camps only to protect themselves, alleged the statement stating that many innocent villagers who happened to step in to these land mine lost their live.More than 10 MPA cadres had also fall victims of the land mines."IOF" has been helping the villagers only with some nominant administration of treatment and medicine when casualties to the villagers occurred and only to allow to blamed the UNLF for the land mine plant in collusion with some self interest person who sold out their community for self, it said.There is the need to know the plan of the IOF by all and efforted to turn out them from this soil for a peaceful living, the statement said.
(Courtesy: IFP)

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