Thursday, May 29, 2008

Huge turnout at Ukhrul peace rally

By John K Kaping

UKHRUL, May 28: More than 8000 people participated in a peace rally organized today by the Tangkhul Naga Long, TNL, under the directive of the United Naga Council, UNC. The main objective of today`s rally was to call for an end to the factional killings in Nagaland, especially in Dimapur area, and life threats and quit notices served to the Tangkhul community.The rally started from 1 am in the morning from two points, one from Hundung junction and the other from Ukhrul Kharasom junction, and later merged at TNL ground for a joint resolution.A majrity of the rallyists were students holding placards with messages such as, `Let peace prevail`, `Enough bloodshed in our land`, `Tribalism! Nagas anathema`, and `Brothers against brothers, no! no! no!`.Dr. YL Mingthing, director, Tangkhul Theological Association (TTA) in his opening speech appealed for easing of the factional killings in Nagaland. He also apprised all the armed underground groups not to single out the innocent, farmers or businessmen of a particular tribe and lamented that there was the hand of unscrupulous politicians behind the scene. He further suggested that to bring real peace among the Naga brothers and sisters was to understand that they are one family and `oneness is the solution`.The United Naga Council, information and publicity secretary, S Milan appreciated the Naga organization SHISHA Hoho for organizing a joint consultative meeting and strengthening the Naga unity. He also appealed through such voices of moderation to disallow the Sumi Hoho inimidate and threaten civilians. More than six lakh Nagas in Manipur alone are working purely for the Naga peace process he said. He also asserted that the Tangkhuls who are in teh eye of the storm must have something to answer and take the occasion to introspect and to indulge in some self questioning. The TNL president, Stephen Angkang on behalf of the Tangkhuls also appealed for an end to fraternal bloodshed. He said the Tangkhuls appeal to the Naga Hoho to advise the factional groups to remain calm and peaceful.The rally was also meant to send a message to the Manipur government, Nagaland government and India in particular because it sees killings of innocents and political turmoil in Nagaland in the time of Indo-Naga peace negotiation.Also a six point memorandum demanding immediate needs to be redressed by the Indian government was resolved and sent to the government of India, Manipur and Nagaland through the Ukhrul deputy commissioner after reading out of the points contained in the memo by the president of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS), Mr. P Jordan.
(Courtesy: IFP)

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chan said...

sure the rally started at 1 a m and not 1 p m?
sounds like the tangkhuls picked the most inconvenient timing for an issue dat matters so much to them