Friday, May 29, 2009

MUMSU, others cry injustice

Imphal, May 28 2009: Pointing out that MUSU elections are held under election committees constituted by MUSU itself and not under Dean of Students' Welfare, the Manipur University Muslim Students' Union (MUMSU) decried the accusations made against Prof Islamuddin.

The brutal murder of Prof Islamuddin within MU campus in front of students smacked of an assumption that Islamuddin belonged to a minority community and that no one would dare fight for him.

Such murder aimed at sowing seeds of animosity among different communities was unacceptable to MUMSU, it conveyed.

Observing that the posts of Dean of Students' Welfare and Proctor were allotted to Prof Islamuddin by the MU authority, the MUMSU accused the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar of making Prof Islamuddin their scapegoat.

Demanding resignation of the VC and the Registrar on moral ground for their conspicuous inaction, it appealed to all concerned to penalise the two top officials for their irresponsibility.

Observing that many MU officials below the rank of Prof Islamuddin were given security escorts, MUMSU questioned as to why no arrangement for providing security escorts to Prof Islamuddin was made even as it was clear that Prof Islamuddin was under threat.

In the same vein, the DM Colleges Muslim Students' Union asserted that the murder of Prof Islamuddin was a direct threat to the Muslim community.

Questioning whether killing people can bring about a revolution, the union asked the perpetrators to kill all minority Muslim students, if they (perpetrators) think so.

"If we are a nuisance to the Manipuri society, it would have been much better to drive off all Muslims from Manipur when their number was little", the student body lamented.

If the killers are not booked soon, the DM Colleges Muslim Students' Union would join in all the movements that may be launched to bring justice against the murder.

Asking if such remorseless killing for some mistakes or error should be accepted as a culture of the Manipuri society, it remarked that the murder of Prof Islamuddin was an act of victimising a soft target while sparing the real targets.

Under such circumstances, the minority Muslims are literally caught between the devil and the sea, it decried.

It would be a blunder to heap charges against a dead man as if no dead man speaks.

The student body also questioned as to why the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar remained silent when Prof Islamuddin committed follies and fraudulence, if there was any.

Saying that all armed groups should estimate the gravity of implications that would leave on the future generations by the prevailing gun culture, it wondered what would be the situation like when every citizen take up arms to protect their lives.

The cold blooded murder of Prof Islamuddin without giving a chance to correct himself even if he had committed some mistakes had denied Islamuddin any opportunity to contribute something positive to the society in his future life.

Sensing some conspiracy behind the murder, the student body appealed to all concerned not to indulge in such mean-minded activities in future.

Meanwhile, the All Manipur Government Aided College Teachers' Association (AMGACTA) while condemning the murder, appealed to all concerned not to repeat such acts in future. (SANGAI EXPRESSS)

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