Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dangerous undemocratic game

Editorial-The Northeast Herald
DAN chief minister Neiphiu Rio’s apprehension of running his fragile ministry has been known from the very beginning. It is quite natural for him to worry when his NPF party and other DAN constituents were greeted with fractured verdict in the last general election in 2008. Yet he could somehow form the DAN Ministry with the support of the 6 Independents as the Congress Party that won 23 preferred to sit as Opposition. The Opposition Congress’ stand from day one is very clear that it would not indulge in any “toppling game,” rather it would play an effective and responsible Opposition so as to make the ruling DAN government deliver goods to the people. Despite of all these, the Rio Ministry not only miserably failed to deliver goods to the people but also failed in all developmental fronts. Not satisfied, it has further attempted to weaken the Opposition Congress through undemocratic tactics. The apprehension the DAN chief minister feels about his fragile Ministry is understandable because the recent Court Judgment with regard to the appointment of chief parliamentary secretaries and parliamentary secretaries in Himachal Pradesh and Goa made it very clear that the state government has no jurisdiction, power, authority or competence to appoint chief parliamentary secretaries and parliamentary secretaries and hence the appointment were quashed. In the case of Nagaland, there is a PIL filed in Supreme Court in connection to the appointment of 13 parliamentary secretaries in the state which is expected to come up for hearing and decision very soon. As such the fate of 13 parliamentary secretaries of Nagaland may be sealed very soon. Hence it is clear DAN chief minister cannot escape from it. This might be the reason why the ruling DAN had allegedly indulged in undemocratic games to weaken the opposition Congress. But the manner in which they had indulged in would have far reaching consequences in the history of Nagaland politics. The two Congress MLAs resigned from the State Legislative Assembly after they were allegedly paid Rs 5 crore each by the DAN chief minister, besides promises of upgrading existing administrative offices in their respective places. If this latest development is true, then there is a big question on the “integrity of the DAN Government particularly the chief minister.” Because the Congress, after its two MLAs resigning, has 21 MLAs and the DAN Government is not for the welfare of the people living in these 21 MLAs’ constituencies. What a mockery of democracy the DAN government is applying for. Will the people of the state accept the kind of undemocratic manner applied for? It is irony for the man, who talks too much of politics and at times preferring to selection not election as he explained election had only destroyed the Naga fabric, now plays different game that is far more dangerous than perhaps any other political maneuvers. (The Northeast Herald)

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