Wednesday, September 3, 2008

KCP(MC) bans UMA president for being double agent

IMPHAL, Sept 2: The KCP(MC) has banned a women’s organisation called,Universal Mothers Association, UMA, on the charge of being an agent of the “enemy”.A release signed by Tamnganba Meetei, said it had taken the president of the organisation, Amom Mema Devi into custory, and from her interrogation has come to learn that she has been part of an extortion net in the name of the KCP(MC).The release said that Mema had confessed that she has been in cahoots with Nando alias Ibungo Ngangom who is presently lodged in the Sajiwa Jail, and Hitendra alias Lallumba who is present taking shelter in the 23 Assam Rifles camp at Yaingangpokpi under the charge of one Maj. Rana, and carried out activities detrimental to not just the party but to the revolution in the land.It said Mema Devi had in 2007 contested the Panchayat Election at 16-Wangoo GP.The release said the KCP(MC) also learnt that Hitendra also regularly passes on intelligence of the party’s movements to the Assam Rifles and has had a number of party cadres apprehended or eliminated.Hitendra and Nando have also been sending out demand letters in the name of Wanglen Khuman, and UMA president Mema has been acting as their courier as well as collection point, the release said.Mema also said that she herself had collected money on behalf of Hitendra and Nando from Koirengei and Sekmai and handed over the money to a “field runner” of Hitendra and Nando by the name of Bhorot alias Z-2 at Kakching.Mema in person also visited the 23 Assam Rifles at Yaingangpokpi and handed over money to Hitendra, the release said.For all these crimes, the release said the party decided to ban the UMA unconditionally and also to forbid Mema from forming any civil society organisation in future and deceive people wearing the mask of a respectable mother. If she disobeys, she would be given harsh punishment, the release warned.Mema’s interrogation also revealed that there is nobody by the name of Wanglen Khuman, and that this was a fictitious person impersonated by Nando and Hitendra to extort money from the public.The KCP(MC) also paid homage to two of its comrades, Thiyam Sambabu alias Rohit alias Poireinganba alias Nungshiheiba and Sagolsem Romen alias Arnold who were picked up by the 23 Assam Rifles who came together with party turncoats Tiger and Biren in civil dress, from Khuman Lampak and later shot at a place in Imphal East.The KCP(MC) also called for a deep introspection by the people in order to identify the real enemies. It said external enemies are easier to deal with than the enemy within and for success in this campaign, what is needed is the cooperation of all the people, the release said. (Courtesy:IFP)

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