Sunday, August 24, 2008

Non-locals entry into villages banned by UNLF

IMPHAL, Aug 23: The UNLF in a press release today said it has imposed a ban on petty non-local traders and artisans settling or penetrating local villages in the wake of the killing of its cadre Cpl Toijam Thengnaba alias Rocky, son of Biramangol of Churachandpur Thenggra Leikai by the 12-Maratha Light Infantry and the Imphal West Commandos, as reported in local dailies today. The release said the slain man was a cadre of its armed wing, MPA, bearing army number MPA No 911, and had just been released for treatment of a serious ailment he was suffering from.Explaining the circumstance, the release said when he was caught he was staying in a house in Uripok while we was undergoing the treatment, and killed after beastly torture.The release also claimed that Thengnaba was arrested not by a combined team of Manipur police commandos and army troops, but by the latter alone.It said the army troopers came disguised as civilians when Thengnaba was arrested. He was eliminated and abandoned with the intent of erasing all traces of the crime.The release came out strongly against the mercenary police commandos who are used as front by their central slave masters to terrorise the civil population the state in the impossible mission of subduing the liberation struggle in the land.The release said the “colonial forces” are using deceit as well as open aggression to penetrate the society. They are sending out their agents disguised as civilians into villages to gather information about the revolutionary movement.It said the Assam Rifles in particular has been using local recruits to terrorise the population in order to let loose a fratricide.In order to prevent this deceitful campaign waged against the revolution, the release said the UNLF now has imposed a ban on entry of non locals in any local village or residential locality, as it has learnt that many agents of the central forces are monitoring the revolutionary movement through these disguised eyes and ears.It said the ban will come into force with immediate effect. (IFP)

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