Sunday, May 18, 2008

NPF slams Cong memorandum

DIMAPUR, MAY 17 (NPN): Reacting to the memorandum of the opposition Congress to state Governor K Sankaranarayanan alleging that the DAN Government had lost the confidence of the people due to two main factors - increase in factional killings and unprecedented price rise -the NPF party hit back saying it appeared the Congress was suffering from “delusion” and continuing the same strategy to dislodge the DAN Government. Reiterating that the DAN Government enjoyed a clear mandate of the people, NPF president Dr. Shurhozelie in a press statement said the Congress failed to get the mandate despite their best effort to distort the people’s mandate through various unfair means during the last election.
Terming it as “blatant lie” the Congress allegation that DAN Government was patronizing a particular underground faction, he said it was meant to mislead of the people. On the other hand, Shurhozelie alleged that an underground faction, had, in a letter to the State BJP president dated March 12, 2008, directed the BJP party to “pull out two of its legislators from the DAN, and join the Congress for formation of a new government.” “This is a clear indicator that it is the Congress, which is in nexus with a particular faction of the undergrounds” and was trying to pull down “a popularly elected Government,” he added.
Shurhozelie expressed surprise to observe that the Congress was trying to mislead the people in the matter of enforcement of ceasefire ground rules and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.He quoted Sl No. 2 (a) of SOP that read: “law and order situation arising out of insurgency should not be treated like any other normal law and order situation and, therefore, it should be handled by State police and central para-military forces together.” Based on this interpretation, he justified the fact that situations arising out of factional clashes were political in nature, and could not be merely termed as law and order problem.
He further challenged the Congress that it truly loved the Naga people and has concern for their future and destiny the opposition should not undermine the Naga political issue, or try to gain mileage at a time when Naga society was undergoing pain and trauma due to fratricidal bloodshed amongst the “Naga freedom fighters”. On the issue of price rise, he said the high rate of inflation in the country ruled by Congress-led UPA at the Centre, was being viewed as a significant contributor towards rising prices. The NPF president however said the “proactive and concrete action” taken by the State government had actually brought down the prices of essential commodities in the state in recent weeks.
(Courtesy: Nagaland Post)

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