Monday, May 19, 2008

Naga Civil Society Cries out: Stop the Violence

Dimapur, May 18: In the midst of the unforgiving tumult accentuated by widespread bloodbath, fear and general insecurity Nagaland is going through today, tired Naga civil society continues to cry out to the warring Naga groups to stop the violence. Vehement denouncement and condemnations against the killings, clashes and loss of innocent lives and loss of properties as well as fervent appeals for dialogue, peace, reconciliation, unity and good sense, continue to pour in from greatly troubled Naga mass-based organizations. From Diphupar to Chakhroma, United Naga Council to the Naga Hoho, Chakhesang Public Organization to GB and DB forums, denouncements of the warring Naga groups’ hunt “to finish off each other” were expressed. Civil organizations, expressing deep hurt, anxiety and insecurity, have cried out to all in concern to let good sense prevail over the ongoing violence and antagonism. Diphupar demands stop to violenceVehemently condemning the May 16 Diphupar village violence, arson and the killing of a civilian, the Diphupar Village Council has demanded that the warring factions stop violence in the village in future. The council has also demanded compensations for the loss of life and property. Leaders of Diphupar village met May 17 and registered their strongest condemnation of the May 16 upheaval, informed the council in a note issued through secretary Lanutoshi. The Diphupar authorities condemned “the arson committed by an irate mob within the Diphupar village on May 16 wherein one RCC building housing ceasefire monitoring cell was badly damaged and five buildings including one hostel was razed to ground.” Diphupar took sharp exception at what it stated was the indiscriminate firing, leading to the killing of a civilian and injuring many innocent public members. While condemning the violence, the council demanded from the authority in concern to pay adequate compensation for the loss of life and property, at the earliest. Diphupar also urged all sections of the society, groups and warring factions to shun such violence within Diphupar village in future. The warring factions were urged to stop killing one another. Rather, the council appealed, unite in the spirit of forgiveness for the cause of the Nagas. The council reminded over again that killing ‘amongst brothers’ would yield no solution but only intensify hatred. ‘Public are tired’ Taking strong exception of the unabated clashed between the so-called “accordist” and “non-accordist” groups in Phek the Chakhesang Public Organization has reminded that the public are already ‘tired’ of the senseless activities of these groups. “The CPO is pained to observe the unabated clashes between the two so-called Accordist and Non-Accordist groups in Phek district” the CPO stated in a note. It reminded that “the public are tired of supporting and watching such senseless and inhuman activities of both the groups. Indeed, if any group claims to be the national worker, it should listen to the voice of the people. Warning that “any aggressor” would be viewed with seriously, the CPO has asked the groups to immediately cease the “animosity” and clashes. The CPO also expressed full support to the “reaction and steps designed to be taken” by the DAN government to curb the wanton violence. Officials in concern are urged to implement the action plan effectively in the interest of public security. The Chakhroma Public Organization, in a separate note also asked all the factions to vacate the civilian-populated areas within its (CPO’s) jurisdiction and return to their designated camps. The authorities in concern are urged to strictly enforce all the ceasefire ground rules in the larger interest of the public. Take proactive role, Naga frontals urged Naga civil society frontals are urged to take a more proactive role for the reason that the current situation in Nagaland may deteriorate and the lives of innocents put to higher stake. Particular reference to the Naga Hoho, ENPO, NMA, NSF, ENSF, NPMHR church leaders and other mass-based organizations to take a proactive role was made in a joint statement issued by the United Naga Council, All Naga Students’ Association Manipur, Naga Women’s’ Union Manipur and Naga peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (south). The joint statement expressed strong concern that the situation may deteriorate if the lives and properties of innocent civilians are put to stake. The statement appealed to the aforesaid Naga civil society to take a more proactive role to shaping the society toward a right perspective as exemplified by Naga pioneers, leaders and elders. The state government is also urged to exert maximum effort in providing adequate security to all in concern. The statement further denounced all elements targeting lives and properties of particular tribe or community, stating that the vile trend is unheard of in the Naga society. “We also totally reject all elements targeting the lives and properties of particular community, tribe in this unfortunate conflict which we term it mindless and unheard of before in our society” the joint statement said. The four organizations expressed strong belief that such attitudes or acts negate civil society’s proactive role as affirmed in the hard-won peace process and the ongoing political negotiations. “Here, we continue to reassert based on our social and cultural values that all civil societies like tribe hohos, churches, students, women etc must play a role of peace-maker in a time like this and beyond” the organizations reminded. Forum condemns violence On expected lines, the joint forum of the Nagaland GBs and DBs register strong condemnations of the violence in the state. The forum in a note flayed the factional clashes in Seithekiema, Dimapur and particularly, the killing of a civilian at Diphupar on May 16. All underground groups who are already in the ceasefire pact should strictly adhere to what they have agreed to and signed. The forum also appealed again to all peace-loving Nagas to participate in the May 20 peace march in their respective districts.

Factions told to vacate civilian areas Dimapur, May 18 (MExN): The NSCN factions are ‘appealed’ to by the District-level Coordination Group to vacate all civilian-populated areas in Dimapur immediately and move to their respective designated camps. In failing to vacate the civilians’ areas as directed, would invite joint operations to flush out the NSCN factions, a notice from the group stated. “The District-level Coordination group, Dimapur, hereby appeals to all the NSCN factions to vacate the civilian populated areas of Dimapur immediately and move to their designated camps on account of serious law and order situation. Further, it is informed that failing to vacate civilian-populated areas by both the NSCN factions, the District-level Coordination Group shall be forced to undertake joint operation for flushing out the said NSCN factions from the civilian-populated areas of Dimapur town” it stated.
(Courtesy: Morung Express)

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