Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KYKL warns against corruption in MPSC recruitments

IMPHAL, May 27: Operation New Kangleipak of the KYKL is viewing the process for recruitment for 206 through the Manipur Public Service Commission, MPSC following a Cabinet decision in October 2006, a statement of the outfit said.If any of the concerned members of the selection committee and candidates happen to do corruption by taking bribes or giving bribe money, ONK will not take it lightly and deal them hard punishment, it warned.Amidst the ONK drive against corruption and irregularity in the education sector, if any of them repeated corrupt practices despite giving of punishments like shooting at the leg, it was sure to kill them one day, it said.The outfit is not giving capital punishment to any person who were charged of corruption considering for their families even they were worthy of awarding capital punishment it say if happen to cross the limit, some may befell into the jaw of dead.ONK is well known that corruption prevail anywhere but there is no rule that if they do we also do it, it said.It is the suppress of rights of candidates when one of them was selected on corruption basis. Doing crime is like initiating fight.There is no stance on the outfit side to forgive always when urged for forgive after one`s mistake was exposed. So before committing any wrong all concerned need to think themselves and avoid committing mistake, it say.If ONK came to know any of the candidate getting appointment through corrupt practice, it will taken steps not to pay his or her salaries or taken out from the job, it warned.Even after the selection process for the recruitment completed, the outfit will collect all the related documents and investigate into the matter, it said.Giving reasons for taking special attention to the selection process, the statement said that due to irregularities and corrupt practices, many qualified candidates from the poor section who could not afford bribe money and have no good relation with the concern higher officials could not get the job which in turn no quality education can be provided by the government run schools and colleges.The only way to save the degrading government institute is to check corrupt practices in the selection of teachers which can impart eduction suited with the new course and subject concern, it said.
(Courtesy: IFP)

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