Friday, May 23, 2008

Chingwang dismisses Imchen’s statement

By Oken Jeet Sandham
Kohima, May 23 (NEPS): Senior Congress leader and MLA Chingwang Konyak dismissed the statement of state home minister Imkong L Imchen that state political leaders had never ventured in a “realistic way” to help solve the Naga issue along with the Naga underground leaders.

Talking to NEPS here today, the veteran Congressman expressed wonder as to how Imchen could state that state political leaders irrespective of their party affiliations were responsible for present state of affairs in the state.

Chinwang said such utterance by state home minister on the Naga issue was reflective of his ignorance on the genesis of Naga political issue. He should rather spell out who were those state politicians responsible for the present state of affairs in the state, instead of trying to shift blame to others for their failure to maintain law and order in the state, the Congress MLA added.

The Congress MLA reminded that right from NNO time; Naga political leaders had been working to bring those Naga underground leaders to the negotiating table to end the Naga political issue. And there had been series of historic political events like 6 rounds of political talks between the Naga underground leaders and then Indian Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Even the Government of India’s ceasefires with NSCN (IM) in 1997 and NSCN (K) in 2001 took place when the Congress government was in power in the state. The political leaders and also many responsible public leaders had largely contributed their share to reach these stages, Chingwang said. “Their contributions should not be undermined,” he added.

He said their stand right from NNO time was very clear that the government of India should talk to the Naga underground leaders to settle the problem. “We are still following the same policy,” he stated. He also explained that the Naga issue did not belong to the Naga underground alone but to the Nagas as a whole and as such every one of them “directly or indirectly” was involved in finding solution to the problem.

Another Congress leader while talking to NEPS questioned the home minister’s calling the present crime against humanity as political issue. “He (Imchen) should know that many of state leaders have been involved in serious discussions with different underground groups and at the same time, many positive suggestions had been given to them, but they were not for publicity,” he pointed out. It was not understood how home minister participated in peace rally organized by civil societies, instead of involving himself in maintaining law and order in the state, he further asked.

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